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LA CASE Books was founded in Los Angeles in 2010 as an editorial project between Italy and the United States.

From the beginning, LA CASE Books operated on the digital editing market “great stories at a small price” this is our philosophy.

LA CASE Books is one of the first editing companies in the world that produced and sold books and audiobooks specifically made and designed for digital readers.

The length of our texts, our style and the choice of the subjects make them perfect products for the most modern readers.

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...a digital publisher specialized in ebooks and audiobooks with an extended catalog that goes from True Crime to novel and history books.

The future is assured. The future is Anthony Neil Smith. Let the devil rejoice.

Ken Bruen

Big Stupid does what it’s supposed to. It’s a fast, sexy, violent, wisecracking tale that can be read in one sitting. But Victor Gischler also adds a lot of heart to the story. The final sequence, as the characters race to settle things against the approach of a hurricane, is concisely and brilliantly rendered. And the ending stunned me, ringing in my head for a quite a while after I’d set the book down. 4.5, really.

Smith has a powerful voice and delivers quite a romp.

Steve Glassman

The sensational story of Amanda Knox has spawned books that declare her guilt and proclaim her innocence.

Matteo Strukul reminds me of Duane Swierczynski and Quentin Tarantino, which is a very fine combination: he’s the name to watch in Italian crime fiction. In fact, he's the name to watch internationally.

Allan Guthrie

Those passionate about true crime stories will certainly appreciate the analysis of the murders of the Monster of Florence. Brunoro and Pezzan write about everything, from Vincenzo Spalletti to the Sardinian Lead, from Pietro Pacciani to the picnicking friends, and finally from the esoteric theory to the Narducci story. A wonderful map to find your way through a deep mystery.

Alto AdigeMaurizio Di Giangiacomo

Matteo Strukul is one of the most important new voices in Italian crime fiction and must be read.

Joe Lansdale

The Monster of Florence, also known as Il Mostro or Il Mostro di Firenze, is an epithet commonly used for the perpetrator, or perpetrators, of 16 murders, nearly all of them couples, that took place between 1968 and 1985 in the province of Florence, Italy.

Giacomo Brunoro and Jacopo Pezzan are bringing their small publishing house to the top with their choices that are sometimes bizarre but very interesting.

Il Sole 24 OreGiambattista Marchetto

This is insane. And fucking hilarious. And insane. Only available as a Kindle original, but it's cheap and fast and fun and... insane.

Hardboiled WonderlandSpacey Thompson


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