Hal Duncan

Hal Duncan (born 21 October 1971, real name Alasdair) is a Scottish science fiction and fantasy writer. His works have been listed in the New Weird genre, but he prefers not to ascribe his writings to any genre.

Hal Duncan grew up “in small town Ayrshire” before relocating to Glasgow, where he graduated from Glasgow University and where he still resides Before becoming a full-time writer he used to work as a computer programmer, a job that he quit in 2005.

He is openly gay and terms himself a Sodomite. Occasionally he fashions himself as “THE…. Sodomite Hal Duncan”after receiving hate mail defining him by this expression, as reported on his personal weblog.

He is also very outspoken politically and considers himself an “anarcho-socialist who recognizes that democracy’s the least of all possible evils” but also “a little bit liberal.”

He is an active member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle and he took part in the spoken word performance group Word Dogs, organised by some of the members of the Circle.